The Power of Positive Thinking

Let me introduce you to the power of positive thinking: Power of Positive Thinking this is my friend Make it Happen.

Cliche? Yes. Totally reliable? Not always. But does it hurt? Not at all. So why not grab an image of what it is that you want with your mind and just spend a few minutes focusing on it. Right now. Believe that it’s yours and I’m telling you, eventually it will come.

The reason I’m saying this is because I’ve had some interesting things happen lately. One of which was thinking about how I wish I was doing some sort of modeling or photo shoots for something. Low and behold lululemon sent out a casting call for models. Before I even had the chance to apply I ended up working with a delightful man who works for the SSC in the store last night. Within a few short minutes he was taking my picture and telling me I’d be a good model for the website. Holy awesome things happening with minimal effort Batman!!! All I was doing was sending some of my little green ball’s energy (for those of you who don’t know my little green ball refer back to ultra-early posts) out into the universe and Voila! Have I been hired? No. Will I get hired? Maybe. But the point is that at the very least, I’ve been introduced to the opportunity. So go harness the power of your positive thoughts and fandangle something great into your life today.

A+ for training, L’s for all.

So I have officially broken one of the 7 lululemon core values already - integrity. I missed my Monday posting schedule and I am sorry. HOWEVER, this was because I was busy studying for my first shift on the floor Monday night! Woot woot!

These past few days I spent my time getting better acquainted with the ever lovely and inspiring ladies and gents of lululemon on Robson. I literally did off site training Fri + Sat, staff meeting Sun, and on floor training Mon + Tues. And guess what!? I totally love it even more than I thought I would! I can’t wait to learn more about this amazing company.

Interesting note: As I learn more about the company, I’ll share more. Today’s interesting note - did you know that Chip sold his first company to a Japanese business partner because they liked the name (Homeless) due to the fact the Japanese alphabet doesn’t contain the letter L? The company was named lululemon due in part to the luck brought to Chip by the letter L.

This is me —> :)

But more like: :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

I am so excited! I got a job at lululemon! Yay! Starting this Friday I will be working a few days a week at the Robson location. This is a perfect set up for me - I can continue my contract at Tourism Vancouver and achieve my goal of working for lululemon.

It came about Friday when I met with the Robson store manager (who was lovely by the way) for Starbucks. We met at noon and by the evening she had offered me the job. This will be a great place to learn more the company and how I can help it to grow. Lululemon I am going to treat you so good baby! Woohoo!!!





1. a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome.

Sometimes I think it drives people crazy that I always look on the positive side. Well I am an optimist by nature, and to give it up would be like giving up ice-cream - it’s just not going to happen. The reason I’m noting this is that I’m meeting with the store manager from the Robson Lululemon on Friday and I am having positive thoughts that come next Monday, I will be reporting as the newest employee of Lululemon. Finger crossed please!

Oh… so… close…

Giving up on a goal is like deciding to sleep without dreams - without them life would be simply boring. I may not have achieved it in the originally specified timeline, but I am still determined to work for Lululemon.

I continued my pursuit by meeting a lovely woman who happens to be the manager of the flagship store in Kits. Let’s call her Kitty. To be honest, I was really confused as to what would come of our meeting and a little bit nervous. My husband thought that with no clear goal in mind, I would be wasting her time. Well, I’m not the sort of person to give up an opportunity, so I timidly made the trek over the Burrard Bridge for an early morning get together.

My initial impression of Kitty was one of being reunited with a long lost friend. She was so welcoming and I felt very much at home as soon as I entered the store. The story of how she joined the organization and has grown with it was inspiring and seemed like a road I would like to travel. We ultimately discussed the possibility of me working a few shifts a week at the Robson location to get my feet wet before I take the plunge (as if I wouldn`t want to. That would be like turning down a glass of ice cold water in a scortching hot desert). So who knows, maybe my goal will become my reality sooner than I thought! Yay!

I’m Baaaack!!!

After a short stint as Superwoman (i.e. working full time, playing softball and soccer, going to school, and planning a wedding) I’m baaaack! A lot has happened since my last post in my life, with Lulu and surrounding me. I will fill you in, but not all in one go. For the curious cat, here’s a quick breakdown:

1) Bells rang and I am officially in wedded bliss!

2) I have been in contact with some wonderful women from the Lululemon Robson and Kits locations.

3) Deep down I feel excited, inspired and ready to pursue some ideas I’ve been harbouring away for a rainy (or apparently sunny) day.

PS: I have been committing a cardinal sin of blogging. I have not had a consistent posting schedule. Well, this ends today. I am going to start posting every Monday without fail. Can I get an Amen!

Naked yoga? Yes please.

For April Fools Day Lulu posted an article about naked yoga. The not so funny part is that I was totally on board with the naked yoga ambassador! Last summer I took naked yoga classes at Wreck Beach (if you’ve never been there, GO. It’s a jewel). Honestly, it felt very freeing and relaxing to be working my way through the sun salutation with the sun beaming down on my body. So it may be a joke to some people, but if there are classes again this summer I highly suggest going. Once I get some information on it I’ll post it here to share with everyone. Ahhh naked yoga. Yes please.

Strength. Courage. Perseverance.

As I mentioned before I, along with others, have been laid off from my previous work at one of Vancouver’s advertising/ design firms. Since it happened I have felt excited and hopeful. But, I must admit that I hit a low point on Sunday. I’ve been waiting to hear back from Lululemon after my interview last Monday and every day is knocking a tiny hole in my confidence. Honestly, I felt like if I don’t get this position, which I feel so well suited for, will I ever get a position working for my dream company?

After a short while of letting a darkness dim my vision, I finally managed to perk myself up. I will work for Lululemon by May 1, 2011. It’s not just the one role that I am suited to and holding a torch for, it’s the company. Lululemon, do you need a Guest Educator? Do you need a Digital Coordinator? Or Do you need a janitor? It’s all good by me. My manifesto for my life has always been ‘Strength. Courage. Persaverance.’ (Which works very well if you chant it at the tail-end of a long jog or hike.) So I opt for perseverance. Lululemon when you’re ready to have me, I’m willing to be had.